The Legacy South Way

The Legacy South Way

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Our Approach

The years we spent designing the hundreds of dwellings that make up our portfolio have taught us that, in addition to quality craftsmanship, truly memorable homes require a foundation of thoughtfulness and intentionality. Warmth, intimacy, and comfort are what make our homes the ideal grounds for building a truly fulfilling life, one that’s centered around what you value most, and where your surroundings reflect your dreams as well as your legacy.

Intentional Nashville Home Design

Our architecture and exterior designs emphasize timelessness and natural elegance. We aim to smoothly connect Legacy South homes with their surroundings and contribute to the historical neighborhoods of tomorrow. While we understand the importance of a first impression and curb appeal, we aim to stay true to a neighborhood’s essence. Our purpose is to add to its aesthetic by making thoughtful and purposeful choices.

Our homes aim to provide functionality without sacrificing beauty, and that starts with purposeful space planning and interior design. Legacy South floor plans are carefully drafted to have a logical flow that maximizes each area and carefully uses light, scale, and proportion. The Selections Experience serves to enhance these elements by combining materials and colors with the plan of your choice.

We believe that your home’s design should be able to stand the test of time and reflect your values as well as your taste. Our designs are elegant, modern, and curated with carefully vetted partners and hand-selected materials.

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Legacy South Home Collections

Your home should be an extension of who you are. We have developed three collections that highlight different architectural values.

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Design Your Dream Home

Our selection experience consists of a private session with one of our team members, who will carefully guide you through our current personalization options. Moreover, dropping by our showroom will allow you to paint a realistic picture of your future home, as we’ll introduce you to samples of the materials that give Legacy South properties their unique charm, from hardwood selection to cabinet hardware.

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