About Us

About Us

Legacy South is a full-service real estate development, construction, and management company based in Nashville, Tennessee. We have created hundreds of inspiring homes that became an integral part of Nashville’s urban landscape.


About Legacy South

Our Designs

Our designs reflect our values, so you can trust us to deliver beautiful, functional, and intentional properties that will shelter the intimate moments that give meaning to your life.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to style and quality is made possible by a team of hardworking managers, designers, carpenters, and real estate agents who come together under the leadership of two visionaries who dream of building the historical homes of tomorrow.

Our Values

Integrity Matters. Without integrity, we have nothing. We build every home as if it were for our own family and we do the right thing – especially when no one is watching.

Communication Is Key. Our biggest competitor is our industry’s negative perception. We are transparent, truthful, and responsive in all communication with clients and coworkers. When in doubt, pick up the phone.

Be Grateful. We don’t have to do anything; we get to do everything, and we are grateful for every client and the talented team we work with every day.

Get It Done. Much of what we do is tedious, but our ability to own the small, move quickly, and be solution-oriented is the difference between us and everyone else.

Community First.
We embrace teamwork and respect all of our relationships with subs, vendors, homeowners, and, most importantly, coworkers.

Places Not Spaces. We create places, not spaces, by approaching every project with creativity and the drive to push boundaries. Our inspiration comes from the intimate moments of life.

Quality Above All. Even if it takes more money, energy, or effort, we must deliver a consistent experience and uphold the highest levels of quality and service.

Positively Passionate. For every nail hammered or selection made, we have passion in our approach and tackle even the most mundane task with a positive attitude.

Embrace Change. We are a growing, entrepreneurial community. We adapt, enhance, and evolve as we grow. There is a difference between being corporate and being organized.

Try. Fail. Learn. Failure builds greatness. We learn from every mistake, take ownership of our missteps, and become better every day.


Bailey Neal and Ben Carter founded Legacy South as a response to the underwhelming character of the developments catering to Nashville’s residential growth. They believe that good homes require a foundation of thoughtfulness, intentionality, and transparency, so they set out to deliver just that. Ben’s knowledge of home construction coupled with Bailey’s acumen for operations and love of design created the core pillars that have driven Legacy South to become the second-largest private home builder in Davidson County.

Legacy South Founders: Bailey Neal & Ben Carter
Bailey Neal & Ben Carter

The Team

Architecture and Design

At its core, Legacy South is a design company. Our architecture and design team has been working ceaselessly to strike the right balance between form and function. As a result, Legacy South homes are beautiful and practical, with floor plans that flawlessly accommodate the whims of everyday living and finishes that are as sturdy as they are beautiful.


We’re firm believers that beauty is in the details, and our carpentry team works tirelessly to develop the meaningful touchpoints that add personality to each Legacy South home. From built-in benches under window sills to home bars and reading nooks, our properties are detailed with craft and passion.

Project Managers

Our project managers are the ones who bring our collective vision to life. They deal in details and work with countless trusted partners to construct homes that uphold Legacy South quality standards. Every home has a dedicated project manager ready to answer all questions about development.

Customer Support

Our customer support representatives are here to ensure that you are well taken care of throughout your Legacy South warranty. As a client, you will have a dedicated customer support team member who will stand by your side and see you through solving any issues that might arise.

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