Who We Are

Legacy South is a full-service real estate development, construction, and management company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Proudly serving over 200 families each year, we are not just building homes; we are creating legacies.

Our carefully designed communities and floorplans lay the foundation for your needs and lifestyle, ensuring your home makes room for the chapters of your life that are yet to come.

About Legacy South

Named One of the Largest Residential Builders in Nashville by Nashville Business Journal

Our team is driven by the deep passion of building homes of exceptional quality and unique character, while staying true to the vibrant identity of our home, Nashville, TN. We believe in the collaboration of every aspect of development, design, construction, and sales, so we may closely achieve and contribute our longstanding vision of providing you with a place to grow, make memories, and thrive.


Bailey Neal and Ben Carter founded Legacy South as a response to the underwhelming character of the developments catering to Nashville’s residential growth. They believe that good homes require a foundation of thoughtfulness, intentionality, and transparency, so they set out to deliver just that. Ben’s knowledge of home construction coupled with Bailey’s acumen for operations and love of design created the core pillars that have driven Legacy South to become the largest private home builder in Davidson County.


What They Say About Us

Excellent quality homes! We purchased an LS home 2 years ago. It was not a custom home, but we were given different design options to choose from in terms of tile, finishes, flooring, paint, etc. There were different “bundles” so we didn’t have to decide if certain tiling would look right with different paint colors, and I was super thankful to be able to pick out a package that I knew would look cohesive no matter what. We love the design we ended up with and can’t recommend Legacy South enough!

Nicole H.
A Legacy South Homeowner

Had a great experience working with the sales and construction crew. I am a Nashville Realtor whose client moved from out of state and from the beginning we were very happy with the level of communication, professionalism and customer service provided. The buyers are so excited to move into their brand new home and feel very confident they bought a great home with Legacy South.

Steve A.
A Legacy South Homeowner

We had the pleasure of working as a vendor with Legacy South and I have nothing but great things to say about our experience. From start to finish, they were professional, experienced, and reliable. They truly went above and beyond to make sure the project was completed on time and to everyone’s satisfaction. One of the standout qualities was their attention to detail, on time payments and great communication which was top-notch, keeping our company informed throughout every step of the process and being appreciative of our quality work.

Carmen J.
A Legacy South Vendor

Integrity Matters.

Without integrity, we have nothing. We build every home as if it were for our own family and we do the right thing – especially when no one is watching.

Communication Is Key.

Our biggest competitor is our industry’s negative perception. We are transparent, truthful, and responsive in all communication with clients and coworkers. When in doubt, pick up the phone.

Be Grateful.

We don’t have to do anything; we get to do everything, and we are grateful for every client and the talented team we work with every day.

Get It Done.

Much of what we do is tedious, but our ability to own the small, move quickly, and be solution-oriented is the difference between us and everyone else.

Community First.

We embrace teamwork and respect all of our relationships with subs, vendors, homeowners, and, most importantly, coworkers.

Places Not Spaces

We create places, not spaces, by approaching every project with creativity and the drive to push boundaries. Our inspiration comes from the intimate moments of life.

Quality Above All.

Even if it takes more money, energy, or effort, we must deliver a consistent experience and uphold the highest levels of quality and service.

Positively Passionate.

For every nail hammered or selection made, we have passion in our approach and tackle even the most mundane task with a positive attitude.

Embrace Change.

We are a growing, entrepreneurial community. We adapt, enhance, and evolve as we grow. There is a difference between being corporate and being organized.

Try. Fail. Learn.

Failure builds greatness. We learn from every mistake, take ownership of our missteps, and become better every day.

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