Is Cleveland Park a Good Neighborhood?

The Gateway to East Nashville

Cleveland Park is one of Nashville’s hidden gems. This neighborhood is bordered by Douglas Avenue to the north, Cleveland Street to the south, Dickerson Pike to the west, and Cleveland Park itself on the east. This area is currently in the midst of a massive transformation – thanks to recent development and major investment in the area, Cleveland Park is poised to become one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city. Today, we’d like to share what makes this part of town special, while answering your #1 question: Is Cleveland Park a good neighborhood?

The History of East Nashville

To fully appreciate Cleveland Park, you should first learn a bit about East Nashville in general. At the turn of the 20th Century, this area was trendy and desirable – much as it is today. “It was considered a country retreat despite its close proximity to downtown,” wrote Jessica Bliss of The Tennessean. The neighborhood combined suburban living with easy access to the city, and many of Nashville’s wealthiest residents built stately mansions throughout the district.

However, a massive fire in 1916 changed the landscape for many years; thanks to unusual 50 mile-per-hour winds that whipped the flames from building to building, more than 500 houses and many major structures were destroyed. It took years for East Nashville to rekindle its former status as a top Nashville neighborhood.

“East Nashville, though staggered by the frightful blow… will reassert its inherent strength, and, great and heavy as the burden has been, it may yet prove a blessing in disguise,” pastor Dr. William Lunsford said days after the fire. We’re proud to say that he was right.

“Eventually, new residents saw promise in the aging homes that long ago slowly rose out of the ash. People began to refurbish. Artists and entrepreneurs moved in, and the east side got a fresh coat of color and creativity,” The Tennessean’s article continued.

Today, East Nashville has once again become the “it” neighborhood. Living TN calls it, “quirky, historic, and undeniably unique,” citing its status as a haven for artists and musicians alike. They also state that Cleveland Park is “set to be East Nashville’s next hot neighborhood.”

About Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park is an area characterized by rich historical significance and rapid revitalization. Humanities Tennessee worked with local residents on the Neighborhood Story Project: an endeavor to research and share their history. Residents compiled information and found that Cleveland Park began as one of the first Black neighborhoods in Nashville, established shortly after the Civil War.

The area rapidly grew thanks to its status as a “streetcar suburb” – a neighborhood that thrived because of a network of electric streetcars installed by Percy Warner in the early 1900s. This innovative form of mass transit allowed residents to live further from town while effortlessly commuting for work: a key perk of Cleveland Park that remains to this day.

While the area has seen new construction, it retains strong ties to its roots.

“When people learn to love and be concerned about each other, it creates a spiritual environment. And that’s the type of neighborhood you want to live in. Even though things have changed, it binds you together,” said lifetime resident Mr. Meddling in his Neighborhood Story Project interview.

“A community full of love, full of respect for the conservation of what it was built on, and neighborly love… everybody, taking care of each other. It’s really all about loving your neighbor,” a newer resident commented.

A mixture of history, amenities, and new growth have made Cleveland Park a neighborhood on the rise. Here’s what you can expect after moving in.

Things to Do in Cleveland Park

Folks living in Cleveland Park truly get the best of both worlds: a homey, connected community and easy access to Nashville itself. Residents can walk to local coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and public transit.

Drkmttr, a favorite underground venue for local musicians, has recently moved to Cleveland Park. Drop by for vintage sales, art shows, and concerts. Board & Brush Creative Studio offers DIY wood sign workshops, where patrons can design signage for certain occasions – this time of year, “BOO” signs are popular – or year-round enjoyment.

Locals especially love Cleveland Park itself. With sprawling fields (perfect for baseball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee) and a free public swimming pool, it offers residents a chance to unwind in the middle of a suburban setting. One resident called Cleveland Park “a nice peaceful place to think,” while another wrote that they “have visited this center since I was a kid. [It’s a] nice place for outings and community meeting games and other activities.”

Whether you’re hoping for relaxation or recreation, this neighborhood in the heart of East Nashville has something for you.

East Nashville Homes for Sale in Cleveland Park

We hope that this piece answers all your questions about life in our favorite part of East Nashville. Legacy South has constructed Edwin Greens in this area – with three stories, six spacious floor plans, and Artisan-inspired aesthetics, we are proud to share our contribution to the Cleveland Park community. While all of our Edwin Greens homes are spoken for, we have more exciting developments on the way. Contact the Legacy South Brokerage Team to learn more about what’s in store.

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