Modern Home Design in Nashville

Contemporary home design is the preferred style among buyers seeking clean lines, minimalism, and open floor plans. Due to their enduring aesthetic appeal, contemporary homes are in high demand nationwide, making them a solid long-term investment.

4 Benefits of Contemporary Style

Homebuilders who create contemporary houses draw influence from several principles.

  • Craftsmanship: Attention to craftsmanship is a hallmark of contemporary design. This home style emphasizes intentionality, which extends to an appreciation for quality materials.
  • Open floor plans: Contemporary design favors open spaces, which highlight simplicity, lines, and lighting. For example, you might prefer your kitchen and dining area to flow together instead of being separate rooms.
  • Simplicity: Instead of using bold colors and intricate patterns, the contemporary aesthetic favors a neutral palette that allows attention to detail to shine through. Gray, black, white, and beige are popular colors for floors and cabinets. To avoid monotony, contemporary interior design incorporates different textures and materials.
  • Space: This minimalist approach to home décor highlights architectural elements of the contemporary home rather than the items in it. Instead of stuffing many pieces of furniture and décor into a space, a contemporary home designer will choose one focal point to emphasize, like a statement chandelier. Contemporary-style homes also have large windows that let in natural light, making rooms look larger.

Is a Contemporary Home Right for You?

The contemporary design style is best for homeowners who like to stay abreast of current trends and prefer to keep their décor updated to reflect changing tastes. If you want to create the perfect environment for relaxing or spending quality time with family and friends, a contemporary open floor plan is ideal for you. It’s a sophisticated, uncluttered, “everything-in-its-place” atmosphere where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to personalize and make your home as unique as you are.

If you are in the market for a new house in Middle Tennessee, Legacy South’s Contemporary Collection allows you to experience the best in modern home design with all the amenities of living in the beautiful, thriving city of Nashville. These communities feature intentionally crafted townhomes with all the amenities you can expect from new construction.

The Eason

Located in fast-growing, trendy East Nashville, The Eason provides convenient access to the dynamic downtown entertainment options, while still being in a walkable, family-friendly neighborhood. The Eason is close to the future River North development and Oracle’s new 65-acre campus.


Soren is a brand-new neighborhood coming to the suburb of Madison, located approximately 20 minutes outside Nashville. Choose from four distinct floor plans to create a living space that is entirely yours, and be on the cutting edge of this community’s bright future.

Visualize Your Future

When you purchase with Legacy South, you’ll get full support from our dedicated sales team, who will help you find the perfect home and community to fit your needs and lifestyle. We take pride in the houses we build, and we understand how an intentionally designed home can benefit every facet of your life.

To help you find the best mortgage at competitive rates, we have partnered with some of the top lenders in Tennessee through our Lender Select program. To learn more about our communities, take a virtual tour or reach out to us today.

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