Artisan Homes in East Nashville

In 2022, homebuyers have a new set of priorities. Features like sustainability, multifunctionality, and minimalism have become more popular than the decadence and maximalism of mid-2000s McMansions. At the same time, ultra-industrial buildings have fallen in popularity as homeowners seek cozy, comfortable environments packed with character. Today’s buyers want homes that walk a fine line between modern aesthetics and timeless design. The solution? Beautiful artisan, craftsman style homes like those found throughout Nashville, Tennessee.

The Rise of the Craftsman: Understanding Shifting Priorities

Before the pandemic, industrial and contemporary designs dominated the architectural scene. Residential and commercial buildings favored sharp lines, plain gray walls, and stark elements like exposed metal pipes. However, this rapidly shifted as the government issued stay-at-home orders.

As Americans began spending days, weeks, and months in their homes, their priorities changed. Years of quarantine forged a new trend: a mixture of craftsman-style houses and modern house styles. Essentially, a combination of craft and character. This blend brings out the best of both design directions, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy both timeless, classic elements and a celebration of modern style.

Popular Modern House Styles in East Nashville

East Nashville is Middle Tennessee’s haven for artists, musicians, and visionaries from all walks of life. These career creatives value housing that is both visually appealing and truly livable. Here are a few of the elements that make our Artisan Collection ideal for these individuals.

Organic Designs

While ultra-modern homes stand out from others in the neighborhood, Legacy South’s collection of craftsman-style houses is purposefully designed to blend. Sweeping, curved elements combine with tasteful, refined color palettes to make homes more approachable and inviting.

Functional, Gorgeous Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. In our builds, elegant, modern fixtures are combined with expansive islands and plenty of storage. This creates spaces that work for both food prep and entertaining.

Living Rooms Meant To Be Lived In

Many modern house styles are characterized by the presence of clean, clinical parlors and sitting rooms. Our East Nashville artisan homes are spaces where your family can truly unwind. Centered around a warm, cozy fireplace and accented by wooden beams, they’re perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

Beautiful Bathrooms

It’s easy for bathrooms to feel cold—they’re full of straight lines and hard surfaces, hallmarks of modern house styles. We have transformed these spaces with well-made cabinetry, tasteful fixtures, and tile selections that brim with personality. Whether you’re preparing for the day or getting ready for bed, our bathrooms are imbued with comfort and elegance.

Multifunctional Spaces

Many craftsman-style homes are complete with a bonus room that can serve as a home office or a playroom, this space is large enough to meet your family’s needs.

Maple Grove: Where Craft Meets Character

Introducing Maple Grove: a Legacy South Community. Nestled in the backroads, these unique houses and townhomes are convenient to East Nashville, Downtown, and beyond. Take advantage of our selections experience, where homeowners can create personalized spaces tailored to their needs and aesthetic preferences.

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