Uncovering Hamlet: The Hidden Gem Near Nashville

Do you love Nashville but feel a little tired of all the hustle and bustle? If so, it’s time to consider moving a little further away from the city so you can have all the benefits of being just a 20-minute drive from downtown but also have all the pleasures of country small-town life. In Hamlet, you really can have the best of both worlds. Hamlet at Carothers Crossing is perched between the charming towns of La Vergne and Nolensville and is the dream location for those seeking the perfect blend of city convenience and country tranquility.

Intrigued? Read on to learn 5 of our favorite benefits of living in Hamlet at Carothers Crossing.


5 Benefits of Living in Hamlet: The Hidden Gem of Nashville

1.    Vibrant Local Life

Hamlet’s local area features quaint coffee shops and charming small-town stores, so you won’t have to go further afield to grab a coffee or enjoy a little retail therapy. These cozy stores foster a vibrant and welcoming community spirit, which is a great place for you to meet your neighbors, support local businesses, and make new friends.

Of course, you’re not without the staples you need, too. You can get to Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, Planet Fitness, Cracker Barrel, Publix, and more within just a few minutes – all just close enough for immediate convenience without pulling you out of that country feel.


2.    Quality Homes in an Idyllic Setting

We currently (August 2023) have move-in ready homes available in Hamlet.  The homes we’ve crafted in Hamlet are modern yet fit in perfectly with the charm of the area, offering homeowners the perfect mix of luxury and comfortable country living. Surrounded by verdant landscapes, these spacious homes are perfect for raising a family in a peaceful, safe atmosphere.

Better still, buying a home in Hamlet may be more affordable than you think – our homes are competitively priced, and our regular promotions allow you to attain an upgraded lifestyle without breaking the bank.


3.    Convenient Proximity to Nashville

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Despite its tranquil surroundings, Hamlet is just a 20-25 minute drive from Downtown Nashville. This proximity offers you countless cultural, entertainment, and employment opportunities without all the noise and hustle of busy city life. Hamlet is a stone’s throw from I-24, so you can get on the road quickly – no wasted time on backroads before finally getting on the highway.


4.    Scenic Beauty

The scenic beauty of Hamlet and the surrounding area cannot be overstated. Green fields, abundant trees, breathtaking sunsets, and the quiet harmony of country life combine to offer an unparalleled living experience. This natural allure, interspersed with modern amenities and beautiful homes, sets Hamlet apart from other residential areas.


5.    Ideal for Outdoor Lovers

Veronica M | Apr 11, 2023
Jefferson Springs Recreation Trail

Nolensville, La Vergne, and the surrounding areas are ideal for families who like to spend time outdoors. There is an abundance of parks to explore and outdoor adventures to experience. Whether you’d rather head to an Adventure Park with the kids to try ziplining or go to the Jefferson Springs Trailhead to spend the day hiking, you’ll be well placed to experience it all.


There are plenty of schools and other amenities in the area, making life away from the city as convenient as it is beautiful. Hamlet is an extraordinary place to call home, a perfect mix of the rustic and the urban, the modern and the historic. With all these assets, Hamlet at Carothers Crossing isn’t just somewhere “near” Nashville; it’s a destination in its own right. To learn more about our homes in Hamlet, click here.



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